My name is Kristina Moffat owner and founder of Mindfully Thankful. As a go-getter entrepreneur who loves life and making people smile, I had the desire to get out there and help those around me. This is about changing your mindset to focus on the good and to practice gratitude. Thus, I constantly practice gratitude by saying these two words every day, “Thank you”! Thank You for this life, the trees, the universe and everything in between.

Now you might be wondering how I arrived at this point in my life. Simple answer is that one day after finishing reading a book on the law of attraction, I quickly became a convert. As it is commonly said, “Like attracts like” – meaning when you think good thoughts, good things will happen. So, from that very moment the idea of being “mindful” or in this case “Mindfully Thankful” for not just today, but for each and every day that I live.

Even though I am also bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, my aim is to attend medical school one day and become a physician. However, my overall aim is to be able to constantly give back to others by helping them change their lives for the better. Whether it is by teaching them the art of gratitude or later in life as a physician, anything I can do makes me happy.